Wild. The fence was useless against anything but the extremely old and infirm people, and some of the cattle. Wild. The capital punishment legislation causes me to cackle. The county jail used to be quaint and provide a banjo. The hungry feeling of the morning is the hollow spaces left by the astronaut’s shovel, digging on the face of the moon. Their giant white gloved hands are holding tall cans. Does it not strike anyone else as funny that those guys went to the moon in the nineteen sixties and we’ve scarcely been back since?

I mean there’s been a robot driving around on Mars which is impressive. I like the pictures. It looks like Las Vegas with none of the useless trash. But really…what have we done after going to the moon? Put a camera in a phone and made virtual worlds for children who aren’t allowed to play outside. Made virtual worlds so those weak and cowardly children can be trained to be soldiers, killing more “primitive” cultures with a joystick. A space ship flying over the desert bombing people in white clothes getting married. The blood that explodes outward is red. They have tea in a container with artistic flowers painted on it, and a hand woven rug in front of folding chairs.

Anyway, no new moon missions. Just fancy phones and fat children. If you’re poor and you grew up in the south and your parents couldn’t afford to keep you locked in the house playing video games then you’re allowed to go kill people in the Middle East and Africa in person. I wonder if they still pay for your college afterwards. I hope so. Do they give you a stipend for the weird pharmaceutical strip mall I saw in a government town. I assume that’s where lots of you return to. I went there to renew my car registration when I was a nanny and a farmhand in Southern Oregon. Is that what it’s like where there’s coal mines too? No libraries. No public parks. Lots of alcohol, lottery tickets, and pharmaceutical depots. Gas station posters showing girls in bathing suits on the beach somewhere else having a grand old time.

It’s no mystery why a huge percentage of the population is highly susceptible to hucksters. They’re drugged children with splintered psyches. It’s all of America by the way, not just Dixie Land and the Central Valley where people like racing cars and plastic clothes. Have you ever been to Los Angeles? Everywhere there’s television and pornography. The telegraph line helped organized crime with gambling operations and spelled doom for small businesses. You gotta grow anywhere and die slow like the succulents that are easy to steal. They’re meant to be stolen. I’m at a loss at how to advertise. How do you make money and who deserves to? It’s like being good at fishing when they’re draining out the lake. Human beings crawled out of the water before they were human beings. Before they walked on the moon. Before they despaired at the conscious knowledge of their role in the drama unfolding before them, drowning in the tank that hides the chains.

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