SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA The last show I played in San Francisco before leaving for a long time of travels. The venue was at a place called Viracocha on Valencia Street. The band featured Sterling Schlegel on bass, Wiley Laufman on drums, Indianna Hale on singing and percussion, and Jason Cirimele on guitar. Special guest for the encore was Joe Lewis. It was a good time in life. I hope we play again one day. 

Setlist: 1. Dracula 2. Awakening Spirits Dream a New Day 3. I Miss My Dad 4. Tia 5. Crystal
6. Phoebe 7. Morning 8. God (John Lennon Cover) 9. Bluebird Canyon Road 10. Indianna
11. The Wilderness is Not for Purchase 12. Each Creature Dreams a Peculiar Dream