Overdubbing with Sterlz, Indy, and Annie

After a fine walk, a successful recording session, and a delightful dinner the day before, the crew prepares in the morning to return to SF. It came to light that one of us was just like Franny Glass having been skipped through the early grades of primary school. Another of us shared no such luck, and was made to sit in the boiler room for being stubborn like Cool Hand Luke. The third in our party was also academically gifted, but chose to spend the time afforded by such an advantage, to draw a million pictures. The number four in this band kept mostly mum on the subject. I suspect either then or perhaps also now, she was daydreaming on some other plane of existence where the fairies and hobgoblins have newspaper columns and discotheques with no advertising and no bouncers. Once she cut off all her hair, and once I like to think she had a month long goth phase. They did the crossword puzzle in the newspaper and drank coffee. The sun shine was beautiful and sad at the same time like how Judy Garland sings.

They got into the day dreamer's Toyota pick up truck. I picked up a tennis ball and looked at them through the windshield. They looked like an absolutely stunning 1970s set of sunglasses people. This was the picture I should have taken. The artist was driving, and the bemused smile he had on made it seem like he heard Judy Garland too. When I was a little kid I would be amazed to see the life I've lived since then. And I'm too superstitious right now to tell you the movie scenes that would illustrate it up.

I remembered Franny and the driver were from Maryland as the engine started and they started on their way. In Maryland my friends and I used to throw a ball at the car of the friends that drove away. I forgot my shoulder got busted since then. I made a pretty good throw. Franny held her hand out the window as they disappeared up the long driveway into the trees. The ball flew a high arc towards her but couldn't make up the distance the truck was traveling. It bounced a big bounce falling a little short of its target, and then my friends were gone.