c#                                                                  E
Once I saw a baby climb out of its cradle he wanted to look at the sky
c#                                                                                                 E
to see that it was summer to know that there’d be winter to know there was no other time
He didn’t listen for his mother he didn’t care if there were doctors
E                                                                                    f#                                       B
He laughed as a seagull flew by   Let’s go with that seagull  we’ve had a good ride

Remember us as children with no business with no buildings let’s go unbuild them again
Every institution you took to school for being stupid
is dancing on your grave in golden chains
The girls are by the seaside laughing in the sunshine
that traveled years across the years to meet their skin
Let’s go find that sunshine and see where it ends

c#        E        c#        E

f#                                                                                                E
I know that the grandstands are full and the crowds are all cheering
f#                                                                               E
on the boat in the lake in the north nobody hears them
g#                                                                                                A7
While the darks closing in every day that you live stars are shining

         f#                                                                    B     Eb dim
as if all of that love that you felt was somebody else

c#        E        c#        E

Go on little warlord you’re a nail stuck in the floorboard
on the dancefloor where nobody wins
I know you won’t stop trying but now that I am dying
I pray there’s no one left you work hard to impress
I know about that seagull I saw out that same window
I watched him fly and draw his dying breath
Out over that ocean, the old Pacific Ocean
was watching while you took your baby steps

E                               f#                            A7                               B
One day you’ll go there, whenever you go there, I’ll see you again

B7            Eb dim           E3