Here's a true story that's good to look at. “Goodbye Josefina” was written in Puerto Escondido, Mexico in the spring of 2017. The footage was shot there and also in Norway.

This music video was shot in Ypsilanti Michigan in the early winter of 2017. The song is called "It Doesn't Matter Much at All." It was released in September of 2018 as part of the band The Light Switches' album "Skulls."

This video was made from editing together old home movies, and movies I shot while traveling in Norway, Oregon, and California. The song "I Don't Need Occult" appears on the record titled "Skulls," by the band called "The Light Switches."

Photographer Chloe Diochnos filmed music writer Naveen Aulakh on a spring day in Canada. The footage was used in an experimental music video collaboration with musicians Michael Musika + Eric Kuhn (THE LIGHT SWITCHES) who provided the song. The song can be found on the record "You Can if You Want to."

My Russian great grandfather made extra money by secretly breeding his peasant horses with thoroughbreds that Tsar Nicholas kept at a summer palace. A resentful neighbor snitched, and he was in trouble. Fearing execution, Aleksey Musika stowed away on a boat bound for Nova Scotia that sunk mysteriously on the night it was supposed to reach port. Aleksey swam to shore and eventually made his way to Coatesville, PA where he worked in a steel mill and raised his family. I used a song I wrote and recorded on the subject, lots of family home movies my father asked that I digitize, along with some found footage of Russian history, to illustrate my family's history. The story goes from Russia in the early 1900s to Laguna Beach, CA where I was born in the seventies, and returned to in the autumn of 2015 to shoot the footage needed to finish up this work.

This was an experimental music video conceived and directed by photographer and filmmaker Norah Emily. Margaux Rust was the Art Director. Drew Daniels was Director of Photography. Music by the Light Switches. Starring Michael Musika, Nicola Parisi, and Eric Kuhn.