Spells (Download)

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Spells (Download)


The first studio album by The Light Switches. Released March 18, 2011.

Includes MP3 files w/ lyrics, artwork and proper track listing ready for import.

  1. The Child Opens the Gate to an Eastern Forest

  2. Translating the Bird’s Song

  3. The Clever Thief Hides Away Inside the Clock

  4. The Spellbound Traveler Loses All Possession

  5. Coyote Recaptures the Stolen Jewell and Returns it to the Sea

  6. The Crafty Creature Sets up a Trap

  7. Young Mother Nature Bewitches the Fools with a Dance of Death

  8. Each Creature Dreams a Peculiar Dream

  9. The House of Love is Discovered Empty

  10. The Dictionary is the Book of Love

  11. A Song is Swallowed by a Fish

  12. Playing the Violin with Broken Strings

  13. The Awakening Spirits Dream a New Day

  14. Telling the Story of the Evening Sun

  15. All Beings Share Memories of Home

  16. The Gates of the Eastern Forest are Open for All to See

  17. The Magician Never Reveals Her Tricks

  18. The Spell is Cast

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