Moon (Download)

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Moon (Download)


The second studio album by The Light Switches. Released February 14, 2014.

Includes MP3 files w/ lyrics, artwork and proper track listing ready for import.

  1. (there’s no one here, right?)

  2. Your Child’s Leaving Home

  3. Morning

  4. (a sleeping guard can’t keep a gate)

  5. The Wilderness is Not for Purchase

  6. Bluebird Canyon Road

  7. Alessandra

  8. (i am who i am)

  9. I Have Bought Her and She Has Sold Me

  10. The Music We Make

  11. After the Ball is Over

  12. (that’s funny and sad at the same time)

  13. There is No Need to Name the Moon

  14. We All Are Animals

  15. The Moon in the Water and it’s Reflection

  16. Floortje

  17. I Know I Have a Skeleton

  18. (laughter and a thunderstorm)

  19. I Wish that You Would Come Home

Michael Musika - piano, guitar, vocals 
Eric Kuhn - guitar, piano, organ, drums + percussion, vocals 
Joe Lewis - electric + standup bass 
Jesse Olsen Bay - drums + percussion 
Ally Musika - vocals 
Erica Fink - vocals 

Recorded and Mixed by Eli Crews. Overdubs recorded by Blake Henderson. Additional Overdubs recorded by Michael Musika and Eric Kuhn.

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